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Rep Application: Fall applications CLOSED
Last Updated: 6/5/2020

Our seasonal PR team are selected every season: Winter (Jan-Mar), Spring (April-June), Summer (July - Sep), Fall (Oct-Dec). Applications open a month in advance and are renewed every season. Please read our policies carefully before applying.

Our rep program is currently paused. Please check our Instagram @sumlilthings for latest updates.

> Select up to $25 worth of stickers/products monthly
> Exclusive 30% OFF personal code for you
> 15% OFF unique code for your followers (on orders $15+)
> Additional shop credit (up to $30) will be rewarded based on rep code usage

> Must have a public social media platform
> Account must be focused on planners, stationery, or bullet journal
> 2 dedicated post to SumLilThings a week
> Proactively engage with members of our private Facebook group

PR rep will be dropped if his/her coupon code did not reach the minimum requirement of 3 times usage per month, and all associating discount codes will be deactivated