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Rather than charging per design, we charge by full sheet (7.7in x 10.2). This is a great option for those who have multiple designs but do not need large quantity per design! We currently do not have a MOQ (minimum order quantity).


Sticker type - Basic (Lightweight) & Premium (Heavyweight)
Sizes - any size (max 7.5 x 10 inches)
Finish - matte (waterproof, scratch-proof, UV-resistant)
Cut types - cut out (die cut) or kiss cut

Paper Type
Cut Type
Price Per Sheet
Basic (Lightweight) Diecut $5.80 USD
Basic (Lightweight) Kiss cut $6.00 USD
Premium (Heavyweight) Diecut $6.60 USD

Each order has a flat rate $10USD proofing, mock up, sample fee. This fee covers any file setup and potential changes your designs may need and a free sample sticker sent to you before finalizing order.

Estimated Cost per Sticker

Sticker Size

Stickers Per Sheet

Cost Per Sticker
2x2 inches 12 $0.50
3x3 inches 6 $1.00


For example, if you would like to order 20 quantity of 1 design, 3x3 inches. Each sheet will fit about six (6) 3x3, so you would need 4 sheets. To calculate:

  • 1 design, 3x3 inches, 20 quantity
  • 1 sheet fits six (6) 3x3 inches, you would need 4 sheets (20/6 = 3.33 ~4)
  • Basic (Lightweight): $5.80 x 4 Sheets + $10 Mock Up = $38.20

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