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Rather than charging per design, we charge by full sheet (7.7in x 10.2). This is a great option for those who have multiple designs but do not need large quantity per design! We currently do not have a MOQ (minimum order quantity).


Sticker type - Basic (Lightweight) & Premium (Heavyweight)
Sizes - any size (max 7.5 x 10 inches)
Finish - matte (waterproof, scratch-proof, UV-resistant)
Cut types - cut out (die cut) or kiss cut

Paper Type
Cut Type
Price Per Sheet
Basic (Lightweight) Diecut $5.80 USD
Basic (Lightweight) Kiss cut $6.00 USD
Premium (Heavyweight) Diecut $6.60 USD

Each order has a flat rate $15USD proofing and mock up fee. This fee covers any file setup and potential changes your designs may need.

Estimated Cost per Sticker

Sticker Size

Stickers Per Sheet

Cost Per Sticker
2x2 inches 12 $0.50
3x3 inches 6 $1.00


For example, if you would like to order 20 quantity of 1 design, 3x3 inches. Each sheet will fit about six (6) 3x3, so you would need 4 sheets. To calculate:

  • 1 design, 3x3 inches, 20 quantity
  • 1 sheet fits six (6) 3x3 inches, you would need 4 sheets (20/6 = 3.33 ~4)
  • Basic (Lightweight): $5.80 x 4 Sheets + $15 Mock Up = $38.20

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