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Subscription enrollment opens on the 17th of each month.

Subscription FAQs

Basic Information

what is the sumlilthings subscription?

SumLilThings Subscription is a monthly subscription service that is exclusively designed and packed just for you! Each month, a theme is picked by our subscribers and coordinating sticker kits, stationery and lifestyle products are hand drawn and designed to fit the theme.

*Subscription themes are voted by our subscribers. No seasonal themes will ever be a subscription theme.

 when do you reveal the monthly theme?

Theme reveal and sneak peeks of the subscription will happen 1 week before the 17th, also known as our Sub Reveal Week. However, we sometimes will not have the items on hand before enrollment happens, in which case, we will provide digital images or mock ups of the products to give you a better understanding of what to expect. 

*Current subscribers will receive a preview email 1 week before recurring charge happens on the 15th.

how do i enroll?

Enrollment for the subscription opens on the 17th of each month at 12pm PST (subject to changes) and will be available until the 22nd or when allocated amount sells out. We require a 2-month commitment (consecutive) for all subscriptions.

how does payment work?

The first subscription will be charged on the day it is placed. All sequential billing will occur on the 15th of every month (subject to changes). 

*Any subscribers who cancel after the first month of subscribing will pay for the one-time purchase cost of the subscription. Generic Sticker Kit: $28 / $65 with Premium Add Ons. Hobonichi Kit: $28 / $60 with Premium Add Ons. Mini Vertical Kit: $22 / $60 with Premium Add Ons.

Subscription Types & Cost


2x foiled full box sticker sheets (3.5" x 4.5")

2x foiled functional sticker sheets (3.5" x 4.5")
6x deco sticker sheets (3.5" x 4.5") 
Bonus stickers for subscribers:
1x foiled deco sheet
1x markers sticker sheet



4-pages foiled sticker kit (3.5" x 6.65")
2-pages matte sticker kit (3.5" x 6.65")
Bonus stickers for subscribers:
2-pages monthly view kit (3.5" x 6.65")



2x foiled full box sticker sheets (3.5" x 4.5")
2x foiled functional sticker sheets (3.5" x 4.5")
2x headers, date covers & functionals sticker sheets
4x full, half & quarter box checklists sticker sheets 
Bonus stickers for subscribers: 
1x foiled deco sheet 
1x bottom banner sticker sheet


Not available separately. In addition to all the items in the basic sticker kit, subscribers can add-on premium option which includes 5-8 exclusive SumLilThings stationery and lifestyle goodies. Premium items vary month-to-month but can include the following item type: washi tapes, enamel pins, charms, bookmarks, vinyl stickers, cup holder, acrylic goodies and etc.


Each month you will receive 3-5 foiled washi tapes ranging in different sizes (5mm, 10mm, 15mm). Please note that the washi tapes in the washi tape only sub is the same as that in the premium sub.

*NEW* PIN CLUB ($12)

Each month you will receive a limited edition enamel pin and a waterproof vinyl sticker. All pin club designs remains in the Secret Shop for 3+ months before being released to the public.

additional perks

 • Access to subscriber only secret shop

 • 10-15% off the secret shop
 • 15% storewide discount**
 • Additional 5% special sale event discount code
 • Early shopping: shop our new launch one hour early
 • Ability to combine orders with your subscription shipment 
 • Discord benefits: behind the scene content, vote in design

**for honorary misfit crew subscribers only, see below "Secret Shop & Discount Code"

Subscription Shipping

when does the subscription ship out?

Subscription kits will begin shipping on the last day of each month to the first full week of the following month. In the event of an unforeseen delay in shipment, subscribers will be notified via email. *If you signed up for September, you will receive the September kit in October.

how much does shipping cost?

Shipping rates are dependent on the most updated market rates as well as the overall weight of the subscription, which changes month to month. Shipping rates may change without prior notifications. 

United States: starts at $4.50 USD with tracking. If you order multiple kits, shipping will be combined and rate will be adjusted based on weight. 

International: starts $14 USD with full tracking. If you order multiple kits, you will get combined rate shipping with tracking. This shipping method is our first class package option with estimated delivery time of 1-4 weeks.

*Subscribers who are changing their address from U.S. to international or vice versa, please contact us at so we can adjust your rate.

We are NOT responsible for lost or damaged package. Once your item has been marked shipped, we no longer have control of it. We keep photographic records of all processed orders. Customers can purchase insurance via Route during checkout if you are worried about your package getting lost or damaged. 

What are custom fee, duty taxes & vat?

Customs fee, duty taxes, and VAT are buyer's responsibility. For UK customers, current VAT tax for UK customers are 20% of the entire order amount (includes shipping cost). For EU customers, any customs and handling fees must be paid when your order arrives in your country, you may need to pick up your order at the local post office. We will not collect VAT during point-of-sale.

how do i change my address or payment?

Subscribers can change their address or payment information via the subscriber portal which can be accessed via your account (log in) under "manage subscription". If the subscription order has already gone through for the month (15th of each month), please email us with any address changes. Any address changed made cannot be guaranteed if the shipment has been shipped out already. 

Changing, Skipping and Cancellations

how do i change, skip or cancel my sub?

To change, skip, or cancel your subscription plan, please email us at with your full name and email address. You will receive a confirmation email of the change once it has been processed (before the 12th of each month). *Note CA residents have the option to cancel at any time via their customer portal.


Must be done by 11th of the month before 11:59pm PST. Please note all subscriptions require a 2-month commitment (consecutive) before any cancellation or skipping can occur. Changing different subscription options are okay after the 1st month. **Please do not cancel via Paypal billing agreement as this will terminate your subscription account permanently.

What happens when i skip?

If you skip your subscription for the month, you will temporarily lose your discount and access to Secret Shop for that month and you may lose your spot for next month if new enrollment demand is high. In addition, you MUST be subscribed for the month after your skip meaning you cannot skip a month and then cancel in the next month.

You may not skip subscriptions consecutively: you must be subscribed for the 2 consecutive months prior to the month you would like to skip (i.e. if you want to skip March, you must have been subscribed for Jan and Feb). 

Secret Shop & Discount Code

what is the secret shop?

All active subscribers are given access to a subscriber-only secret shop. The primarily intent of the secret shop is to give subscribers exclusive access to limited release items and discounts. The type of products and deals can change month-to-month depending on SLT inventory. Generally, you should check to see if what you need is here first before searching the general shop because you never know what deals you might find! Password to the secret shop changes every month during renewal date (15th) and all active subscribers will received a password via email when monthly enrollment closes.


15th-22nd: Secret shop is closed

23rd-24th: Secret shop password is sent via email
25th-14th: Secret shop is open

Please note the dates above are subject to changes, we will communicate monthly timeline via the subscriber newsletter sent out around the 23rd of the each month.

what is the discount code?

All active subscribers will receive a discount code each month that will work on items in the secret shop. Subscribers will receive this discount code via the subscriber newsletter sent out around the 23rd of the each month.

Please note that cancellation of subscription will result in IMMEDIATE loss of all benefits and perks including access to the Secret Shop & discount codes.

Subscriber Perks Breakdown