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(1) Sticker Kit (10pages) - gold foiled
(2) Washi - 5mm - Lil' Sakura - gold foiled (pink)
(3) Washi - 5mm - Lil' Sakura - gold foiled (light blue)
(4) Washi - 5mm - Lil' Sakura - gold foiled (light pink)
(5) Washi - 15mm - Lil' Yukatas - gold foiled
(6) Washi - 20mm - Lil' Misfit Dolls - gold foiled
(7) Washi - 25mm - Matsuri Festive - gold foiled
(8) Washi Tower™ - Sakura Trees Dual Washi Tower™
(9) Mirror - Chichi (pocket size)
(10) Keychain - Lil with Spinning Pinwheel - 50.8mm
(11) Mouspad - 210mm x 210mm
(12) Notebook - Gold stamp PU leather notebook - dark version (dot grid)

(13) Notebook - Gold stamp PU leather notebook - light version (grid)

DESIGN: All designs are hand drawn by ©SumLilThings
PLEASE NOTE: Colors may differ on monitor screens due to different settings. No additional discounts can be used on this item. The pouch is hand assembled and heat pressed so each will slightly differ.

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