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Please note that the Pencil Pouch has slight printing and pixelation issue (only visible upon close inspection), so the price of the pencil pouch has added discounts applied. In addition, due to the nature of how Bubble Stickers are made, the water-proof epoxy layer may not be 100% evenly applied. Also, the epoxy layering process can also cause the backing sheet to have small epoxy stains, but this does not compromise the stickers in any way. Only purchase this product if you are comfortable with these potential imperfection


1. Sticker Kit (11 pages)
2. Decorative Stickers (10 sheets)
3. Washi - Perforated Notebook - 30mm
4. Washi - School Dolls - 15mm
5. Washi - School Session - 15mm
6. Washi - Scissors (Set of 3) - 5mm
7. Acrylic ruler - 15cm
8. Pencil pouch - PU leather
9. Soft-touch gel pen - 0.5mm
10. Monthly pocket planner (set of 2) - aqua & sakura
11. Bubble stickers - 25 pieces

All designs are hand drawn by ©SumLilThings
Colors may differ on monitor screens due to different settings. No additional discounts may be used on bundles.

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