Lil' Sakura Petals - Washi Tower™ (Dual Type)


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Our original Dual Washi Tower™ is perfect for storing and displaying washi tapes in an adorable scene. These Washi Towers™ are specifically sized to fit SumLilThings washi tapes, so it may not fit washi tapes from other shops. Washi tapes not included.

Please note that each acrylic piece has clear protective layers on both sides that needs to be peeled off before use (if the acrylic looks scratched, it indicates that the protective layer is still attached). If the pegs fit too snugly into the hole, you can use a nail filer to slightly shave down the edges.

B-Grade: Please note that ALL B-grade Washi Towers™ will need shaving down on the pegs in order to use. The item may also have light scratches and minor print issues such as specks, but 99% has no cosmetic issues. By purchasing a B-grade item, you acknowledge and accept the mentioned imperfections and will take the necessary steps (shave down peg) to ensure appropriate use. Any damages done to the towers by not following the appropriate steps are not our responsibility, we will not replace and refund (no exceptions).

All acrylic pieces of the Washi Tower™ are inspected and checked for defects prior to shipment. Bubble mailers and bubble bags will be used to package these Washi Tower™ to protect them during shipment.
MATERIAL: Acrylic (4 pieces)
LENGTH: Fits 6x 15mm washi tapes

DESIGN: All designs are hand drawn by ©SumLilThings
PLEASE NOTE: Colors may differ on monitor screens due to different settings.

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