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Warehouse Stock (Friday January 14th at 12pm PST)

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Lil' Ramen Bowls - Brass RulerLil' Ramen Bowls - Brass Ruler
Limit 1 Per Order
Lil Totoro Washi Tape (15mm) - SILVER FOILEDLil Totoro Washi Tape (15mm) - SILVER FOILED
Limit 1 Per Order
[BLIND BOX] Yokai - Washi Tower™ & Washi Tape Set[BLIND BOX] Yokai - Washi Tower™ & Washi Tape Set
Limit 1 Per Order
Chichi's Delivery Service Washi Tape (15mm) - GOLD FOILEDChichi's Delivery Service Washi Tape (15mm) - GOLD FOILED
Limit 1 Per Order
Lil' Wizard Washi Tape (15mm) - GOLD FOILEDLil' Wizard Washi Tape (15mm) - GOLD FOILED
Lil' Splash of Fruits - Transparent Seal StickersLil' Splash of Fruits - Transparent Seal Stickers
Limit 1 Per Order
Lil' Lunar New Year Decorative Kit (6 Pages)
Limit 1 Per Order
Drop of Pastel - Acrylic Standee (Feb Sub)Drop of Pastel - Acrylic Standee (Feb Sub)
Postal Friends Washi Tower™ (Puzzle Base)

🚦 Lil Children's Game 🦑

Release date: November 26th at 12pm PST

무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다 !

Lil has unwittingly dragged the Misfits into participating in a series of children's games for a chance to win an unbelievable cash prize. Put on your teal jumpsuits and pink soldier uniforms, and watch Lil spectacularly lose at all these games. Lil - please stop eating all the other contestant's honeycomb candy!

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[BUNDLE] Lil' Sakura Petals (50% OFF)[BUNDLE] Lil' Sakura Petals (50% OFF)
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Save 35%
[BUNDLE] SLT x OMWL Hello Friends (35% OFF)[BUNDLE] SLT x OMWL Hello Friends (35% OFF)
Save 29%
[BUNDLE] Lil' House Pride (30% OFF)[BUNDLE] Lil' House Pride (30% OFF)
Save 35%
[BUNDLE] Lil' Postal Friends (35% OFF)[BUNDLE] Lil' Postal Friends (35% OFF)
Save 25%
[BUNDLE] Lil' Splash of Fruits (25% OFF)[BUNDLE] Lil' Splash of Fruits (25% OFF)
Save 43%
[BUNDLE] Lil' Late for School (43% OFF)[BUNDLE] Lil' Late for School (43% OFF)
Save 37%
[BUNDLE] Lil Children's Game (36% OFF)[BUNDLE] Lil Children's Game (36% OFF)

SLT x OMWL "Hello, Friends" Collaboration

Release date: November 26th at 12pm PST

After many months of secrecy, I am super excited to release our highly anticipated collaboration collection with Marg from OnceMoreWithLove, titled "Hello, Friends"!

This collection features special items that can be paired with Marg's bundle, including an interlocking Washi Tower™ and Boba Run metal keychain! In addition, all orders will receive a special freebie sampler especially made for you by Marg!

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SumLilThings™ is a couple-run online kawaii-style stationery and lifestyle goods shop. We sell a variety of lil’ Misfit-themed goodies, including stickers, washi tapes, Washi Towers™, plushies and more! Our shop features a family of lil’ Misfits, each of which have their own unique personalities and quirks. Whether it is the mischievousness of our self-appointed Misfit leader (Lil), the dreaming tendency of our resident baby dino (Nohnoh), or the caring and loving nature of our youngest (Mimi), we hope people can find a lil’ bit of themselves in our lil’ Misfit family!

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