Crystal Wonders

June 2022 Subscription

After an "accidental" lab explosion in Narnar's underground cave lab (*cough cough, Lil), the Misfits stumbled upon a hidden crystal cave.

🐰 Before anyone can say word, Lil has already hopped over to the largest crystal bed and is happily mining away in hopes of achieving great wealth to fund her never-ending Lego collection.

🐳 Narnar and Mimi are documenting the crystal properties to see if they can be repurposed for renewable energies.

🦕 When he is not being exploited for free labor by Lil, Nohnoh just stares at the crystals all starry-eyed and thinks about the beauty of the world. 🤔

What would you do if you stumbled upon a mysterious crystal cave 💎?
Let's be honest - we'd all be like Lil.