Need A Lil' Space

July 2021 Subscription

Greetings Misfits!

We are readying our NarTech rockets and blasting off into July’s subscription theme- Need a Lil Space! 

As many of you may know, Narnar (our Misfit narwhal) is kind of a big deal in the Misfit Universe. Although you don’t really see him around much (mostly because he is hidden away in his Narcave tinkering away with his newest inventions), he is responsible for almost all of the technology you see in the Misfit universe! Yes, Lil’s cell phone and TV included. Despite being an all-around genius, his greatest challenge is keeping Lil out of his laboratory, and as you will soon read, his failure to keep Lil out this one time led to a series of events resulting in...Lil blasting off into space after accidentally boarding a Nartech test rocket, and Narnar & crew having to blast off after her into space on a rescue mission. However, what started off as a rescue mission, turned out to be the greatest space adventure any Misfit could ask for!

Disclaimer: We are still unclear whether this was a rescue mission to simply save Lil, or to bring Lil back given she is probably a flight risk for starting a full-scale extraterrestrial war with alien life. Who knows?

Engines check. Let’s blast off!