Pin Grading Scale

We understand that pin grading is subjective, so please read our pin grading scale before purchasing from our shop. We currently do not offer perfect/collector grade pins but we will do our best to send out the best pins possible! By purchasing from SumLilThings website, you agree to the below pin grading conditions. 


Standard grade pins are the best grade we offer, perfect of displaying and wearing! There may be some "minor" imperfections that can only be seen under close inspection such as:

  • Faint mark, dents, or scratches on the metal or enamel surface
  • Faint specks/dust, dots or bubbles on the enamel
  • Low or over fill in small areas
  • Minor discoloration on the enamel and metal
  • Other faint blemishes that are only visible when looked upon at a certain angle 


Seconds grade pins are in good condition and very close to being A grade, but may have more noticeable imperfections such as:

  • Marking or more noticeable scratches on the metal or enamel surface
  • Oxidization of the metal
  • More noticeable under or over fills
  • Chipped metal plating
  • Uneven texture or polish on enamel or metal