❤ A 'lil' something for everyone ❤


SumLilThings™ is a couple-run online kawaii-style stationery and lifestyle goods shop. We sell a variety of lil’ Misfit-themed goodies, including stickers, washi tapes, Washi Towers™, plushies and more! Our shop features a family of lil’ Misfits, each of which have their own unique personalities and quirks. Whether it is the mischievousness of our self-appointed Misfit leader (Lil), the dreaming tendency of our resident baby dino (Nohnoh), or the caring and loving nature of our youngest (Mimi), we hope people can find a lil’ bit of themselves in our lil’ Misfit family!

SumLilThings™ was founded in 2018 as an expressive outlet for our love of stationery and the planner community. What started out as a side hustle quickly turned into full-time operations in 2019, and since then we have been dedicated to bringing kawaii-style stationery and lifestyle goods to Misfit lovers all around the world! Our lil’ Misfit characters are based on some of the things that have brought us joy throughout the years, including stuffed animal plushies and pets. Our core mission is to bring joy and happiness to our customers through our many products and Misfits. Happiness doesn’t have to make sense (i.e. like how two bunnies, one dinosaur, and a narwhal ended up as a family), but at the end of the day, focusing on the sum of the little things is where true joy can be found!

Designer, Production, Processing & Shipping
❤ Lil is Kalon's stuffed bunny plush of 21 years
❤ Creator behind @nohnoh.studies on Instagram
❤ Loves to clean and organize in her spare time 
Designer, Customer Service
❤ Martial artists representing the USA Wushu Team 
❤ Had 10+ Lionhead bunnies during college years
❤ Is a fraternal twin