❤ A 'lil' something for everyone ❤


Hello World,

We are a couple-run shop that specializes in kawaii-style stationery and lifestyle products based around some of the lil’ things that has brought joy into our lives over the years, like stuffed animals and pets. Our shop features a family of #LilMisfits which is made up of bunnies, hamsters, narwhals and a dinosaur that thinks he is a bunny. Each of our characters have their own unique personalities and quirks. Whether it is our tomboy bunny Lil smashing up tables with her Ragequit hammer or our docile dinosaur Nohnoh enjoying his afternoon nap, we hope each and every single one of you can find a lil’ something in them that you can relate to!

SumLilThings (formerly known as HelloKalon) officially launched in 2018 as side-hobby and creative expression for our love of stickers, washi tapes, and stationery. We officially began full-time operations in early 2019 to pursue this passion. Whether we are vying for that big promotion at work, or trying to buy your dream house, we cannot lose sight of the LITTLE THINGS that matter! At the end of the day, it is the sum of the lil’ things that brings us the most joy in life, and we hope to share our SumLilThings vision with each and every single one of you.

Designer, Production, Processing & Shipping
❤ Lil is Kalon's stuffed bunny plush of 19 years
❤ Creator behind @nohnoh.studies on Instagram
❤ Loves to clean and organize in her spare time 
Designer, Customer Service
❤ Martial artists representing the USA Wushu Team 
❤ Had 10+ Lionhead bunnies during college years
❤ Is a fraternal twin