Magical Girls

February 2020 Subscription

This month, we are transported into a lil’ world where magic is hidden away under our very eyes. While ditching her boring 2nd period class, Lil (a mere school girl) accidently stumbled upon the magical tome of Grand Wizard NarNar in the backwood forest of her school. Magic quickly gushes out from the tome, imbuing Lil with the full powers of the magical tome and transforming her into a magical girl. As the dust settles, Lil quickly realizes her normal, boring bunny life is no more. She has now gained the power of flight and kick-ass magic. What will she do with her newfound abilities? Will she join Magical girl warriors, Mimi and Cinnamon, on their mission to vanquish evil from the lands?

To be honest, that’s wishful thinking. Lil will use her newfound powers to play pranks on her little brother, Nohnoh. Grand Wizard Narnar is very disappointed with this turn of events.

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