Washi Tower™ - School of Misfitry Sport Arena


Pieces: Base Set (3 pieces)


Our exclusively designed Washi Tower™ is perfect for storing and displaying washi tapes in an adorable scene. These Washi Towers™ are specifically sized to fit SumLilThings washi tapes, so it may not fit washi tapes from other shops. Washi tapes not included.

Base set consists of 2 standing parts + 1 base

  • The back plate features an audience of Lil
  • The tower can fit up to 5x 15mm washi tapes
  • The base size is roughly 140mm in width

🛑 Extra towers

  • If base set purchased before May 19, 2022, the extra tower will fit 
  • If base set purchased after May 19, 2022, the extra towers will be too loose. You will need to wrap some tape on the base of the peg to make it thicker so it can fit into the slot. Sold as-is.

Designed & Illustrated by ©SumLilThings
Colors may differ on monitor screens due to different settings.

Washi Tower Disclaimer

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