2021 Advent Calendar

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Nov 6: Half of the advent calendar have arrived. Remaining expected to arrive week of Nov 8.
Oct 12: Preorder closes at 12pm PST
Oct 8: Preorder opens at 12pm PST

BONUS #1: We are adding a Day 13 item to the advent calendar! The retail value of the calendar is now $98 but the preorder price remains the same!

DAY 1 PREORDER BONUS: Anyone who ordered on Day 1 (Oct 8th) will receive additional bonus item which brings the retail value of the calendar up to $108 (Day 1 ONLY) 

Our annual advent calendar details is finally here! I originally wanted to make the preorder happen at the end of September but with all that's been going on, it took some time for us to plan and design (what I think) would be a really cute & versatile advent that everyone can use at any time of the year, not just during the holiday or winter. Here are the details:

What: 2021 Advent Calendar
Theme: Lil' Misfits & the Chocolate Factory
Preorder Begins: October 8th 12pm PST
Preorder Ends: October 12th 12pm PST
Limits: None
Processing Time: 5-10 weeks

Price (13 Days): $65 USD 
Value: $98 USD
Discount: 34% off

    The advent calendar will include 4 new washi tapes, 7 stationery and 1 lifestyle item (no seasonal items). There are some items that will be higher value than others so the price for each day will not be consistent but the entire advent calendar will be discounted during preorder! Similar to last year, we will not be revealing any final designs before or during the preorder so everything will be a surprise when you open them up during the advent days. A-la-carte items will not be available during or after preorder - all items are exclusive to the advent calendar!

    The estimated production and processing time will be 5-10 weeks (may be subject to manufacturer and shipping delays during the holiday season). Please do not purchase if you are not okay with this processing time and possible delays that may occur, we do not allow cancellation or modifications.

    Advent Calendar must be purchased by itself. Meaning you cannot purchase the box + other items in the shop in a single purchase. If non-preorder items are purchased along with the box, they will be cancelled and refunded automatically with no communications.

    No coupon codes or usagi points are allowed on the box as it is already discounted and since it is a preorder, we require the funding in order to get some of the merchandize made. 

    Minimum quantity for production is 100 units (all or nothing). If minimum quantity is not reached with preorder closes, all preorders will be cancelled and refunded automatically.